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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs a much better marketer when bill gates first apple was going to reinvent stuff all the old made software what it is today will change the world to high tech visionaries these breakthroughs inspired the digital revolution jobs and gates face to face at this time on al-jazeera i really felt liberated as a journalist was all about was getting to the truth as i would that's that's what this job. hello i'm barbara sarah this is the news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes the reason may welcomes emmanuelle
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mccrone to britain with a pledge of millions more dollars to strengthen border controls in france protests in the kurdish enclave of syria which turkey says it's preparing to attack emirates hands the airbus a three c. a lifeline with a deal to buy twenty of the double decker super jumbos deadly storm sweeps across northern europe killing four and leaving tens of thousands without power. in sport roger federer is hot as the weather of the australian open with temperatures hitting the degrees the defending champion to school the grass in turn around. french president emanuel mccrone is in the u.k. holding talks with the british prime minister to resign may the two leaders have been meeting at sandhurst military academy west of london where they are expected
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to reach an agreement on strengthening border controls france wants more funding from london to help deal with the number of people gathering in ports like kelly to try to reach the k. is expected to use the talks to try to win goodwill in bricks at negotiations where she is also expected to pledge an extra sixty two million dollars for security measures in cali and other french channel ports this would increase the u.k. contribution under the two thousand and three they took a agreement which allows british immigration checks to take place on the french side of the channel britain may also agree to take in more refugees and migrants from cali especially unaccompanied children there also. reciprocal agreements on military cooperation the u.k. will send this three helicopters to join french forces fighting armed groups in the sahara that region of west africa in return france will supply troops to a u.k. led force in the stony a part of a nato the point in response to
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a possible threat from russia well john a holes john holl joins us live now a from a sandhurst them and joe we are of course waiting for a news conference between the french president and the british prime minister was still waiting for that in the meantime i just explained to us a little bit about the reasons why did the two leaders are meeting and the focus very much on the fence and security. probably two reasons barbara in the first case in the first place they've got a lot in common in the areas of defense and security they're seen as the two most powerful military powers in europe but they both face common external threats they both face threats at home of course both countries have been the target of a violent attack in recent times losing significant numbers of innocent lives and of course they share that border. they border on the french side that includes the
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port of cali where they've been enormous troubles over recent years with migrants and refugees trying to get to britain so there's a lot to talk about there are a lot of deals to be made a lot of things to offer one another in the fields of defense and security the second reason is you know if you are a country like britain and you are negotiating negotiating your way out of the european union at a time to clean out when talks get extremely sensitive you may wish to cozy up if you like to improve relations with key members of the european union that's what many people see this meeting as being you conte make deals on trade and in the economy because the e.u. prohibits that sort of thing between member states but you can. make deals on defense and security areas that brussels doesn't have individual control over and of course france and the u.k. share a very sensitive border the puerto of cali which in the past has caused issues aside i guess this is really the future for the u.k.
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then bilateral agreements with european countries especially on sensitive issues. well it may may well be one diplomatic strategy that the u.k. is now exploring this might be a sort of trial run if you like for that look at the timing trade talks of beginning with the e.u. the most difficult portion of these briggs's negotiations france and emmanuel macron are more and more seen as the preeminent political force in the european union britain perhaps realizing now is the brig's of pop ticks down the deets got to in order to remain relevant post breaks at any detail have more of a say in the talks as they go on that it's got to improve relations with individual members to do that bilaterally and so you know if this is a diplomatic blueprint if you like well if it goes well here we may well see more of this sort of thing more of this sort of treatment of e.u. leaders in time head. general for the moment we will cross back to you after we've
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heard this news conference for the moment thank you let's just take you live now to inside the news conference in the sandhurst that's the military academy in sandhurst as you can see people are beginning to gather it was meant to start about half an hour ago so running a little bit late but we will of course bring you that news conference as soon as it starts in the meantime let's speak to me the schick european analyst joining us now in the studio i mean i guess because it could start at any point what are you looking out for in this news conference will make no mistake barbara they're going to talk about how they're devoted to their common goals to tackle terrorism and you know fight the good fight on migration but this is really in some ways a kind of frenemy summit because macron is very much using the diplomatic leverage that he has on one hand he's seeking to make gains for france related to brics it and on the other he wants to make sure that the u.k. does not fall off the security agenda being one of the only two big security
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military powers in the e.u. but mccraw oversea has played his hand well i expect we'll hear more. edges from the u.k. on money and let's not forget that even before he became president michael had said that the the two k. treaty which allows the u.k.'s border effectively to be in france could be up for renegotiation so he'll very much me taking the uncertainty that breaks it has cost for the u.k. and using that to his own advantage and let's not forget that you know the bio tapestry which he has lent to the u.k. no way was an epic trolling because that of course was the ten sixty six norman conquest that it's also law there be given to the u.k. for another five years so i guess they just want to make sure the bricks in the go . go to plan i mean it's interesting you mention the grievance i mean a lot of people in france it's a very unpopular issue that france is effectively monitoring the border into the u.k. but the two countries have always had tensions but they really do have more in common now rather than separates them oh absolutely and i think on the issue of security
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and defense despite bracks that i think one of the european countries are very much aware of the contribution that the united kingdom brings into this field so i think that when it comes to the brics that negotiations this is something when we get to that point which we haven't done yet that that's when a lot of european leaders will really really start to take an interest in the talks because i think that certain they don't want to stop the intelligence sharing and the fight against terrorism well nina thank you for that for now we are still waiting for that news conference with the president. and to raise them a british prime minister will turn to you again ben thank you. second look at some of the day's other news now and the u.n. is calling for the yemeni portion of her day that to remain open beyond friday to allow the delivery of lifesaving goods to continue on tuesday the saudi led coalition also rise the ports opening and the use of four u.s. funded cranes to help offload the aid well they that handles about seventy percent of yemen's imports but damage from
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a two thousand and fifteen air strike and the blockade by the saudi led military alliance has severely restricted aid axis more than eight million yemenis are on the brink of famine and the country is suffering outbreaks of cholera and syria. is the deputy regional director for the international committee of the red cross in yemen he said the aid this critical to prevent famine the yemeni population is dependent on aid. its ninety percent of the needs of the yemeni people are sustained through imports and as such. the restrictions on imports prevent the. flow of commercial goods and humanitarian aid from reaching the yemeni population so that is were things should be moving on lessening those resources we need more we need less restrictions on imports fuel is key and central for the survival of the population in yemen fuel is essential for the running most hospitals in the house so somebody is faltering all the forty five percent of house facilities are
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functioning today but fuel is also important for water water pumping stations depend on fuel. sewage treatment plants dependent fuel vehicles that collect the garbage depend on fuel and all of this creates a vicious circle were the population being weakened after years of exhausting their resources and not having any more the capacity to such pain will only have more to be done makes like diphtheria coming back to them if these conditions are not treated immediately. syria's foreign ministry has told the u.s. to stay out of its affairs this after secretary of state rex tillerson unveiled the trumps administration's goals for syria which include keeping u.s. troops in the country for the forseeable future but let's be clear the united states will maintain a military presence in syria focused on ensuring isis cannot reemerge our military mission in syria will remind conditions based we cannot make the same
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mistakes that were made in two thousand and eleven when a premature departure from iraq allowed al qaeda in iraq to survive and eventually morph into isis it was that vacuum that allowed isis and other terrorist organizations to wreak havoc on the country rex tillerson there were allowed to zero as a senior political analyst marwan be shot usses this marks a turning point in terms of u.s. strategy. this is a major departure from both the trump administration strategy or speaking of strategic the last year and it's certainly a major departure from the obama administration's assertive in syria and in the greater middle east. in fact you know one who of course would say that this is well thought through stretches the probably took weeks if not months just like what we've seen the kind of a departure of a new strategy in afghanistan i think now we're seeing a change of policy towards syria so this is not
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a trump midnite tweets this is the strategy of the united states in syria and it really marks a major departure whereby as we've heard there's going to be an indefinite deployment of u.s. military presence in syria it's going to be a military presence that will push towards the removal of the assad regime in syria is going to create a safe haven of some sort whereby it allows for refugees to come back into syria it's going to support a local force notably the white b.g. with a strong kurdish presence and so forth the worst the north and the east and it's clearly going to put iran on notice it's going to confront the new russia iran turkey triangle in syria well turkish military chiefs are in russia seeking support for their planned attack on a kurdish controlled enclave inside syria turkey is not threatening the main area
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controlled by the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces in the north east of syria but it has said it will attack the enclave around the city of a free man in the north east of the country and the frame is held by kurdish y p g fighters who dominate the s.d.f. russia also has forces in the area stephanie that there are reports now from an paki on the turkish side of the border with turkish tanks have been massing this week. the turkish army is steadily increasing its presence along this stretch of the syrian border present wretched tired buried one has been threatening to attack the kurdish run area baffling for almost a week now there has been sporadic shelling. inside after the thousands marched on thursday and let's take you straight now to a sanders for that news conference which really referenced president microland british prime minister who aujourd'hui over to a premiere visit to host you here in england as president for
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the first time what was of our shot of honey our visit why when you want to go because you don't. sit out what would have said that fits had her supporters ishant or intercept these three off. of these talks we are gathered here at one institution to celebrate and strengthen another the enduring alliance between the united kingdom and france ours is a uniquely close relationship between two of the world's oldest and greatest democracies. we meet in the year that marks a century since the end of the first world war when our troops fought side by side in defense of our shared belief in freedom and resistance against aggression and we have been clear again today this is global outward looking nations we remain committed to defending our people and upholding our values as liberal democracies
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in the face of any threat whether at home or abroad. but our relationship has always gone far beyond defense and security hundreds of thousands of british citizens live in france and a similar number of french nationals have made the u.k. their home and today we have agreed ways in which we can build on these ties for the benefit of all our citizens. while this summit takes place as the u.k. prepares to leave the e.u. we are and will remain a steadfast partner to our friends and allies and a strong and deep relationship between the united kingdom and france remains in both our interests the president and i agree on the importance of the u.k. france relationship not just to our security but to european security we are the only european countries who are permanent members of the u.n. security council as well as members of the g seven g twenty and nato and we are europe's two foremost military powers it is incumbent upon us to demonstrate
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leadership in meeting the great challenges of our time and upholding the international rules based system we've agreed that u.k. france cooperation remains critical to european defense and that together we will continue to play a full role to improve the security of the continent and today we can confirm that the u.k. france combined joint expeditionary force will be ready to deploy up to ten thousand troops quickly and effectively to face any threat by twenty twenty the shared interests of the u.k. and france and indeed europe itself extend far beyond our immediate borders africa's security and prosperity is vitally important to us all in recent years the u.k. and france work side by side to combat the global threat posed by the a bowler epidemic and today i can announce that in the same spirit of cooperation we will step up our efforts in the soft hell to prevent islamic islamist extremism
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breeding instability and insecurity fuelling the migration crisis the u.k. will deploy three u.k. to nuke helicopters and their crews to the sa hell and we will continue to support we offer through our heavy lift transport aircraft increasing the ability of french troops to maneuver effectively in their battle against extremists. during our discussions today the u.k. and france have also agreed to work together to ensure african peace facility funding the amazon in somalia as part of a comprehensive approach on the continent closer to home we will stand together in the face of russian aggression in eastern europe where france has agreed to commit troops to the u.k. led nato and nato battle group in hysteria in twenty nineteen this commitment will build on the successful joint deployment which we visited together last year since the last u.k. france summit we have seen appalling and cowardly terrorist attacks in both our
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countries in which british and french citizens have died side by side there is no circumstance in which we could envisage the vital interests of the united kingdom or france being threatened without the other one being affected to tackle this shared threat for the first time in history all of the heads of u.k. and french intelligence agencies report together ahead of this summit in a single meeting underlining our unique cooperation in this field this afternoon they briefed the president and me on the work they do together it is clear that this cooperation is preventing loss of life on both sides of the channel and around the world and today we have discussed ways in which we can increase and enhanced our collaboration to continue to keep our citizens safe the u.k. and france share a belief in a comprehensive approach to mass migration and as our efforts in the sahara and
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across africa demonstrate we will work together to address the instability which fuels it. president macron and i have both confirmed that the u.k. and france remain committed to the principles of the longstanding the two k. agreement under which the u.k. is able to carry out full border checks on french soil and today we have agreed additional measures which will work in the best interests of both france and the u.k. increasing the effectiveness of our cooperation we will reinforce the security infrastructure with extra c.c.t.v. fencing and infrared technology at callaway and other border points in twenty sixteen more than fifty six thousand attempts by clandestine mines to cross the channel was stopped at the u.k.'s juxtaposed border controls the further investment we have agreed today will make the u.k.'s borders even more secure the u.k. and france also share a determination to tackle the people traffickers and migrant smugglers who exploit
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the misery of those making the perilous journey to europe we are committed to working closely together to close down the networks of smugglers who seek to profit from the misery of others u.k. french economic cooperation is vital to our shared prosperity we share seventy one billion pounds in trade making france the u.k.'s the largest trading partner and the u.k. france's fifth largest and our trade relationship continues to thrive following the vote to leave the e.u. . a company whose supply chain and ownership spans europe have today announced a multi-billion pound deal to provide emirates airlines with thirty six a three eighty passenger aircraft parts of which will be built in both the u.k. and france providing a boost to both our economies and just down the road from here in farm u.k. and french engineers at the company are working side by side on the cutting edge high altitude surveillance drone. this collaboration on innovation runs through our
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relationship and today we have agreed to strengthen the global competitiveness of our world class researchers and innovators deepening cooperation between our research agencies but the u.k. france relationship is about far more than a balance sheet both president macron and i believe that everyone in society deserves the same opportunities regardless of where they come from and we will use our relationship to make this happen supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds to develop their employ ability and language skills we will create a new foundry exchanges between our schools and revitalizing the entente cordiale all program with new financing so that our students can study across the channel our shared history will also be reflected in the loan at the buyer tapestry to the u.k. in twenty twenty two the first time it will be on british soil in more than nine hundred years the loan of the tapestry will form part of
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a wider cultural exchange taking place between britain and france over the next four years i'm honored at the loan of such a precious piece of our shared history which yet again underscores the closeness of our relationship we've agreed to build a new generation of links between our people with an ambitious program of twinning towns and regions bringing together met as leaders of city regions and others as they address today's challenges and harness the potential of emerging technologies the u.k. and france are forever neighbors united in friendship and by our common belief in freedom and justice both at home and in the world this is a president. thanks very much money prime minister thanks the river for welcoming us with the ministers met the miss you is a gentleman thank you. for your. hosting
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today and they said magnificent royal military academy at center. underlies the very profound ties between us and i just like to remind everybody and there are two things which no kind of vote or political decision can change that history and geography. and this puts. fronted by the same kind of strategic challenges looking for and i think that is something which we had actually seen easy today. the very profound time. exist between the men and women of our two countries. people who. are accustomed to live both sides of the channel and you did. very well at this first. entente cordiale
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which is to make sure that we have to continue to have the same kind of relationship as before. regular meetings a permanent consultation on important subjects. whether it be iran syria or hell we are committed both of us to shared work so that the whole of europe can work together. in particular on iran very worried by this but right from the beginning that we observe they go commitments which we made internationally because that's the basis of international credibility but also i think we have to reinforce collective security in the region. in a determined kind of way to make sure that the influence of iran is
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reduced. on the question of the subsaharan region the south africa. we have agreed militarily on a number of terms but also in other respects i had a meeting recently about marco very important one which launched a joint action on major issues to do with the shared development of africa. and we have shared ambitions there particularly in terms of education. health provision and fighting against global warming. and these. commitments were confirmed today and i think it's very important we did so and. following
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through this convergence policy. and particularly in terms of international politics i think we have to equip ourselves with a shared strategy and shared defense arrangements that is what has been the crux of our talks and it's one which dates from the ranks to house agreement of twenty ten. and that despite the threats it talks and we have continued to make sure that we make a contribution to that to this unique defense arrangement between our two countries it is a real shared commitment which we carry through in operating there many different theaters you have also reminded us that what we need to do is to act swiftly and determined and that is
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a common objective we also have the opportunity of talking at some length about strategic ties. you have going over that some extent. but i'd just like to stress the importance of this relationship given the fact that cooperation in terms of shared armaments i think is aimed at the future particularly with regard to cutting edge technologies drones combat trains. for example and we have to hope the programming for that in the upcoming spring also submarine programs. and energy programs which make of and be da the real leaders in the area all this is being confirmed with the. programming. and in terms of military cooperation. realize not only our capabilities but
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also our operational. ability we are very grateful to the u.k. for the support he is giving me to the sale i just like to stress here the importance of this commitment to. the contribution of the two nukes for example. to the overall military operation which for us is a very strong signal being sent to act jointly against terrorism. this is a real support which we have been expecting september last we were together in his tenure we visited both the british and the french troops. who were deployed. a couple of kilometers away from each other. in the nato framework. and i have promised also to send two more detachments in twenty nine hundred and to
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embed them in the british forces. this will allow us to depend on it to enhance our capability between our two armies and also to underline shared. concern about the geography of the area. we have also talked about your best defense which is major scheme at the moment and the implementation of the european defense initiative and we hope very much like this will thrive within the european framework but i think it also underlies the very strong relationship between our two countries in this area of defense the arrangements will be defined later on and what we have to do now is to make sure the framework is properly protective so it can contribute to the initiative fully we have to reinforce the times between
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the european armies particularly operationally speaking. afterwards we spoke at some length about the amendment by our shared borders and particularly the situation in cali. which i visited with a couple of ministers who are also present here forty eight hours ago. and i have seen obviously in my various capacities over the years the situation evolved we've seen it now on the ground again. the story is well known and has been for some time what has been done in terms of dismantling the jungle and the insufficient to insufficiency of the arrangements in place at the moment. and it can hardly be said that the situation is being managed in a satisfactory way so today ministers of the interior have signed before us
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a new treaty the treaty of center which will help us to enhance the management of our common borders this is the first time for fifteen years that we are signing a common treaty on this subject and this. will help us to improve the operation and technical cooperation to improve the work we are doing with the transit in origin countries to try and prevent forestall migration. but it will also allow us to have an intelligent and efficient cooperation in general of the borders this is a common challenge that we have to win. a very important essential part of this new treaty of scientist will be the subject of unaccompanied minors child immigrants this was. in the case of all these individuals concerned
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to reduce the delays in their acceptance. to. six months for unaccompanied minors and so on or a whole number of arrangements here. and this is a major element which has to do with human management i think which is much more efficient than in the past. and we have to also respond to the whole issue of vulnerable minus and avoiding. burdensome procedure. and this is something which i am. stressing. to the legislative assembly to the elected representatives of france so that we have a more human more efficient approach and one which is really
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in the quality of our. corporation on a frontier basis. it will help us to develop exchanges relations between our businesses business which is very intense and so we need a perfectly safeguarded border and we have to put an end finally to the situation which has persisted over the last couple of years ministers also agreed a work program on a shared program here which will allow us to accompany all these measures. yes i don't want to go into all the measures which we agreed today and they're very varied and they translate the depth of our cooperation in civil defense research. to very important partnerships in
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the. spatial the economic spheres in all spheres in all areas sports and so on and the organization of sporting events so we have a common agreement on that which was signed a couple of days ago the scope of these projects which cover a number of economic. aspects. particularly in terms of renewables and so on it confirms once again our determination to. work together economically diplomatically and specifically on all these projects before questions or just like to say one word about brics it which. certainly wasn't your crux of the talks i respect the choice made by the british even if i regret it and i think today. we can say that
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whatever the talks. come. i'm sure they're going to be managed in the framework which has been. you know we will. talk about the mandates and particularly the european council in march but these concessions or whatever these talks must not allow us to endanger this relationship which we have together now. that. breaks it obviously does create some uncertainty but our duty is to manage this whole process so as to improve the relationship both sides of the frontier in a determined way that. our relations you already said. rely on history and geography but also very strong human ties.
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we've seen this him with a number of personalities who are illustrative of. this new relationship the academic. and intellectuals sporting relationship yeah whole generation which is helping us to build up this bilateral relations this is a unique history that i have alluded to which is particularly appropriate in this centenary year of the grand great war. and my family history of course illustrates that where there are traces not only are they go great but also of the british relationship and it goes back much further this is history which lasts almost one thousand years.
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and here of course i'm referring to the by your tapestry this is a unique tapestry it is a great. pride of matter of pride for france for by your workers started this very day through the ministry of culture and through the local authorities and i should just like to remind you that i said in athens that what we have to do is to resurrect this cultural relationship this cultural exchange and this is this work is. something which should make us feel very humble not necessarily because of the exploits of william the conqueror but because of the history which it relates. there is a whole work of co-operation scientific research corporation behind the exchange and. this is a decision which not only we have taken but also the specialist got to it's for if
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it frigidity for example. and i hope very much that it will open a page of enhanced cooperation culturally speaking scientifically speaking and allow us to exchange more works of art so as citizens will be able to share this. joint history. and i hope very much that it will lead to a continued dido exchange which will help us to exchange. national imaginations. been presented and that's what i want you to. talk about to point up and i would like to think once again the prime minister to resign for your warm welcome. french president manuel mccrone ending that news conference there with the british prime minister to reason may the main topics really security
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defense immigration and a shared border in cali between the two countries and both leaders stressing the entente the sort of close friendship that the two countries have shared historically let's cross to jonah hall he's live in sandhurst for us which is where that news conference took place they spoke about a lot of things perhaps the reason may emphasizing the strength of their relationship and then when the crown going into a little bit more detail and certainly a lot of detail about kalie. yes you know there were several top line issues that were sort of telegraphed ahead of this meeting that were expected to come out of it and indeed they did to do with defense and security. and a fitting setting for it here at sandhurst military academy britain offering to spend tens of millions of dollars more reinforcing that border and the kalai port
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on the border with all its problems with migrants and refugees trying to make their way to britain it's been a point of major contention between britain and france to the point where his election campaign president said he would tear up the border agreement he wasn't going to france was going to be britain's coast guard anymore well they've signed a new agreement the treaty of sandhurst and they've promised they've pledged to work more closely together to deal with the issue of migrants and refugees more detection technology swifter asylum procedures and in particular to deal with off and and unaccompanied minors and to get them on their way as swiftly as possible also mutual pledges of defense cooperation in north africa with the french operations there and eastern europe securing the borders with russia all of that we sort of expected what was talked about as well on the periphery was a sort of diplomatic effort to try and reinforce the relationship between these two
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nations as brics it talks continue and indeed hit their most sensitive stage yet trade talks and this was probably the impetus of the british side and indeed possibly the point of this entire meeting to establish the old ties that these two countries share to reinforce their desire to maintain those ties and build on them briggs it remember france and emanuel macron the new relatively new president of france has emerged more and more as the preeminent political force in the e.u. as perhaps merkel's flame wanes a little bit he's a very important ally for the brits to have on side during this break that process and to ensure that they still have. inside afterwards and if that was the intention all of this meeting behind the difference for assad if you like with him judging by what these two leaders have had to say here if you sort of praise for each other for the other side and for the longstanding friendship that these countries have been in enjoyed well then i think it will be seen as
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a success for the whole with the latest from sandhurst jonah for the moment thank you. and now let's bring in a shaikh who is director of data and polling at political consultancy restless and global of the european analyst so you were watching that news conference with me we heard from jill and i mean a lot of the things that they would expect that the say they did say but what did you make i guess of the body language the way they said it about the future effectively of french british relationship post breaks it well i think behind the flowery language i mean both the text of what the leader said would have been agreed with their respective teams but of course there is the issue that is dividing them that is correct that man on mccall has very firmly positioned himself as a avowedly pro european you know anti trump and to populists and he backs that kind of leader and it was very interesting that he mentioned that bracks it wasn't discussed but he took pains to point out that he respected does the decision but he regretted it so there's a sophisticated diplomatic game going on here on one hand france and the rest of
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the e.u. are aware that they want to collaborate very very closely with the u.k. particularly on security and defense issues not least because it's one of the big security powers in the e.u. alongside france but don't for a second think that that means that they won't change their strategy or look at what's best for them in the context of brics it so with france in particular i mean let's not forget that they're trying to steal jobs from the city of london you only need to get a paris to see how they're trying to near all the bankers there the european banking authority is of course moving to paris and michael has been you know very very vocal about what he thinks about bret's it's and this is a big issue that is dividing them despite the kind of flowery language of cooperation. and they will cooperate in future but still i think micron sites when it comes to europe are far more focused on berlin than on the u.k. very different leaders as well the mokoena sort of coming from a position of power is when elections quite recently and is when she is sort of appearing is the leading light of the european union who as we see to reason may has bugged out of bricks in the go see asians and perhaps those that have the
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support of his many people in her party as as she couldn't really was mckown the want to get the concessions about kalie and the shared border do you think you'll be happy with what it will sway with absolutely i think for france they will walk away happy with this new treaty that they've signed because essentially let's not forget that even before he became president was saying during the break that referendum campaign that the no two k treaty could be torn up so what is he got now he's got a commitment for more money he's got a commitment that the u.k. will take more child refugees and i think he will also be able to squeeze the brits to get more cash in particular for cali because essentially what they're allowing the french to the brits to do is put their border on french soil so i think behind closed doors micro would have made no he would have been quite forceful and wants france expects in return i mean throughout the news conference we heard about the historic ties between these countries within the e.u. it's always germany and france that are seen as the main engines now with rex do
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you think that france will be the sort of stepping stone between the e.u. and the u.k. do you think we are going to see in a win even deeper cooperation between france and the u.k. post rex i think that if you look at all the kind of rhetoric around brock's that and how germany and france have responded what they've said is we're going to collaborate far more closely so if you only look at you know all of the language in germany as well about what press that means i think they both realize paris and berlin that they have to be the driving force to reinvigorate the european project and in capitals across europe they're whilst they want to collaborate and have a close relationship with the u.k. once u.k. is out it's out and that definitely changes the dynamic interesting years ahead nina shake european analyst thank you so much. take a look at some of these other news now israeli forces have killed the palestinian man and injured others during a raid in the town of janine in the occupied west bank israeli police were searching for the killer of a rabbi who was shot dead a week ago two israeli officers were injured in the raid a fire on
9:46 pm
a bus in kazakstan has killed fifty two passengers only five people managed to escape from the vehicle when it caught light the victims were all migrant workers from neighboring uzbekistan the bus was traveling in a remote region on the main road between uzbekistan and russia there's no indication yet about what calls the blaze with police launching an investigation. a deadly storm called it fredericka is sweeping across western europe at least six people have been killed in belgium the netherlands and germany as gale force winds knocked down trees and left tens of thousands without power after in stansell has more. the storm pummeled western europe with hurricane like force here the wind rips a roof off of a building in the netherlands and peels off the side of a house with severe weather alerts were issued in the netherlands as gale force winds reached one hundred forty kilometers an hour people were urged to stay home
9:47 pm
for their own safety. those who did venture outdoors were struggling to keep their feet on the ground but it didn't deter this daredevil who saw the high winds as an opportunity to go for the ultimate kite surfing experience the storm is causing travel chaos hundreds of flights were grounded and in germany all long distance rail services were suspended. boy there is a danger that trees will fall onto the overhead wires and there's a danger that trees will block lutes we know from past experience with extreme weather conditions that it's better to keep the trains in some light stations where we can but to take care of passengers in between stations power outages hits tens of thousands of people in germany belgium and another lens and roads were blocked by fallen trees and debris high winds and heavy snow also hit parts of the u.k. scotland is dealing with power outages and dangerously icy roads but the storm
9:48 pm
isn't losing strength it's moving across the continent with eastern europe in its sights happenstance all al-jazeera. emirates has thrown the world's largest passenger jet a lifeline with a deal worth as much as sixty billion dollars the dubai based airline has ordered twenty airbus a three eighty s. with the option to buy sixty more it's the first order for the super jumbo in three years airbus had previously warned they would have to stop production of a double decker planes if the deal fell through. authorities in turkey have removed an airliner from the shore of the black sea skidded off a runway in tribe's an airport on saturday a large crane was used to lift the pegasus airlines boeing seven three seven from the cliff edge all passengers and crew survived the accident turkish media say the pilot pilots are blaming a sudden surge of speed from the plane's right hand engine that forced the to
9:49 pm
swerve to the left but francis has urged people in the chilean coastal city get to continue welcoming migrants he made the comments during a mass in the city which has experienced the boom of migrants from several countries the rise has been so fast that there are nearly two dozen slums on the outskirts of the city but france's reminded the residents to be hospitable well earlier on thursday the pope dismissed claims against a chilean bishop accused of covering up a sex abuse scandal the controversy surrounds the appointment of bishop. seen here with pope francis on thursday that a small diocese in south central chile have been demonstrations against the bishop who denies protecting his former mentor who was found guilty in two thousand and eleven over buzy teenage boys. get everything and everyone looking to bring me proof against bishop paris then i will speak there is not one bit of proof
9:50 pm
against annoying. it's not clear. so it's been a busy trip but the pope also found time to officiate the first ever airborne wedding on board his plane he's continuously married to flight attendants from chile airline the couple tied the knot in a civil service in two thousand and ten but their religious ceremony was canceled because their church was badly damaged by a massive earthquake that hit chile at some wedding picture. the concern about the pope married us the pope married us he took my hands and said if you want to marry that i can marry. something totally church today with you but it's. the hostesses in the stores we're going to get the photos to get in the work of the couple you know we've been married we met on the plane years ago that's all they said i said oh that's interesting and then as they walked by that name back and said. mary just a religious ceremony which obviously has never happened on the body before they
9:51 pm
were super happy. the first pope heard about it was this morning too it's not like it was part of the plan and congratulations to them time is running out for the u.s. congress to pass a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown on friday president donald trump backs a short term bill which the house of representatives is due to vote on later on thursday them across the say they will not support the bill unless there are guarantees that children of migrants who enter the u.s. legally will be protected. and u.s. president ellen trump says his plan to build a wall along the u.s. border with mexico has quote never changed or evolved directly contradicting comments made by his chief of staff yes on wednesday john kelly told hispanic lawmakers that some of trump's immigration views during the campaign were quote uninformed and later in a television interview kelly insisted that trump's views had evolved but in an apparent rebuke of kelly talk tweeted that the wall is the wall that it will be
9:52 pm
paid for by the xico i suppose foreign ministry has issued a statement tonight this case something called the sports teams here is that the thank you so much barbara will six time champion of a joke of it said conditions were right on the limits of safety on a scorching day at the australian open with temperatures hitting forty degrees in melbourne joke which was just one player feeling the heat john it was a risky reports. play is safety in the brutal heat at melbourne park has been something of a regular discussion over the years and with temperatures topping forty degrees celsius on thursday it was no surprise to hear the question where the plane should have been suspended. the said he felt like he was dying on court and suffered dizziness in his match with novak djokovic both east needed a doctor in the second set and he continued to battle but eventually lost in the first set to djokovic i knew you kind of work and train hard to be able to
9:53 pm
sustain this kind of conditions and be tough but i think there is there is there is a limit and that is a level of i guess tolerance between being being fit and being. i think in danger in terms of health. defending champion roger federer had easy a condition to be like match against german opponent again struck despite being taken to a tie break that set federer prevailed to reach the third round ok wish i guess k. had to get organized to give him another night match well there's maybe sixty guys asking for stuff so i'm one of those guys yes do you think you have more leverage than some. possibly but i it's not my call it's their call when it's top seed simona halep was also spared the worst of the conditions and was
9:54 pm
able to cruise into the third round with a six two six two win over canada's using the shot. earlier in the day the former world number one maria sharpe appeared to be in a hurry to get through her match with ana stars is the best about she won the first set in just twenty three minutes and dominated the tie break in the second to win. but wimbledon champion got to be good also will play no further part at this tournament after being given her marching orders in a straight sets loss to taiwan's shay's two way the world number eighty eight dumping out the third seed and turning up the heat in the race for the women's time i joined as roster al-jazeera. now sixty years ago today a young hockey player called it will be our remade n.h.l. history he became the league's first black player paying for the boston bruins in a win over the montreal canadiens all six decades on our way was back on the ice in boston tremendous that night in nineteen fifty eight the canadiens spent
9:55 pm
a total of twenty one years in pro hockey now works as a diversity ambassador for the n.h.l. well despite series place in n.h.l. history the league still faces criticism for its inability to spread the word that hockey is for everyone the ice is still overwhelmingly white when it comes to top level players for searching twenty fifteen. from the just finally for a sense of initial stalls all black components the n.b.a. with black players make it more than three quarters of the league in the n f l is not far behind another study in the u.s. last year found that ninety two percent of the n.h.l. found bases want the n.b.a. the only big north american league was a majority of african american founds earlier only spoke to the u.s. schools rights aren't good and he says it's becoming a commercial imperative for the game to broaden its appeal now that the league is getting less popular among their core group of white males it's more imperative than ever and it's not just about diversity within the u.s.
9:56 pm
it's also about diversity around the world look at where hockey is popular elsewhere in the world and it's also white majority countries like in northern europe and in russia so i think there are a lot of reasons why they have to look to expand their fan base beyond white majority populations not just in the u.s. i think p.k. subban is an excellent example of a black canadian player who is a he's a role model he in every way embodies what you want a sports star to be but the league hasn't put very much energy into promoting him instead they stick with promoting the same type of you know young white canadian faces that we've always seen the league kind of lean on like the sidney crosby's and even the patrick kane if you're going to american players so i do think it's very fair to say the league should be doing more to promote the minority players who have come up and are stars in the league. remarks were made a strong sense you competitive go five to three months out with
9:57 pm
a rib injury micro shooting a bug free round of sixty nine on day one of the abu dhabi championship he's three shots behind carlita and defending champion tommy fleetwood the full time made you want to sleep now it's eleven in the world and i sort of knew what i was expecting out there but at the same time you never really know. your first competitive rowing than over one hundred days so it's a little bit different but i did well i i stayed patient i give myself chances and i started the day with eleven strips are so i was trying to stay as patient as possible so it was nice to. three of the last seven there and get in and under seventy i'm going to say sports looking let's get back to london and they thank you for that now before we go two teenage is teenagers in australia have become the first people to be rescued at sea by a drone the swimmers got into trouble off the lennox head beach that south of brisbane lifeguards launched a drone and used it to drop
9:58 pm
a rescue pulled into the water the two swimmers then use that to get back to shore lifeguards had been getting ready to practice using the drone when the emergency gave them the chance to try it out for real and that worked that is it for this news hour that's it for me barbara starr for the moment i'm going to be back in just a few minutes of britain one of the things that will move to expel watch. travel often. by tranquil bottoms and purple forests their pride wobble.
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oxer forage. by icons lambach valleys and scotland's. new for adventure. discover good jobs because far away places closer they're going to go with qatar airways. pay the scene for us where on line what is american sending him and that piece is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that there to choose or between buying medication it is this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is the one of the activists has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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in two thousand and eight al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking school. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. super thirty at this time announces era. on to the place you don't present like a new treaty for a new era britain and france to sign a new border agreement and pledge to hold their historic ties after british it.


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